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A sister’s pain…(English)

23 Feb

“Mauricio, my dear brother. Never will I be able to stop thanking you for everything you did for me, how you took care of me, and how you helped me.

You lived your life preoccupied about me. You were the only one who loved me in this life. I will never be able to recuperate from this loss and from the immense pain I feel.

Who will take care of me now? Who will help me with everything like only you used to do, dear brother?

Don’t leave me alone. Continue to be by my side, please. I need you so very much.

You were such a good person. Why did you have to leave me in such a cruel way? Until the last breath leaves my body, you will be on my mind and in my heart.

Thank you, thank you dear brother. You are now happy next to our mum in heaven. I love you with all my heart, your sister Margarita.”

Mi cuerpo muere copy


A sister’s pain…(Spanish)

23 Feb

“Mauricio, hermano querido.

Jamás podre terminar de agradecerte todo lo que hiciste por mí, como me cuidabas y como me ayudabas.

Vivías preocupado por mi. Tu fuiste las persona que mas me amo en la vida. Jamás podre recuperarme de esta perdida, de este dolor.

Quien cuidara de mi ahora? Quien me ayudara en todo como lo hiciste tu, hermano querido? No me dejes sola, sigue a mi lado por favor, te necesito mucho.

Fuiste tan bueno, porque te vas de mi lado de esta manera tan cruel? Hasta el ultimo suspiro de mi vida estaras en mi mente y en mi corazón. Te pido perdón por todas las veces que no supe entenderte, pero lo bueno fue que ambos nos pedíamos perdón siempre. Estos ocho anos nunca los voy a olvidar ya que fueron unos de los mejores de mi vida, y arto también que nos disfrutamos. Me siento feliz de haber logrado traerte.

Gracias, mil gracias hermano amado.

Ya estas con nuestra mamita, y feliz.

Te amo con todo mi corazón, tu hermana Margarita.”

Mi cuerpo muere copy

To my beloved uncle…passed away, but not forgotten (English)

23 Feb

“Dear Uncle Mauricio,

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this to you.

Never did I think I would see you this way. I always thought you were eternal since you, and we, have been through so much, both here and abroad. I always thought I would see you sitting in front of your computer until the end of your days, so for many years to come.

I never thought your life would’ve been cut short so soon and so abrupt by the mistakes of others. I felt so strongly about the three of us living together for such a long time I never knew how to appreciate you enough. I feel like I never treated you the way I should have and I never told you what I felt because I thought we had many years ahead of us, to talk, to see you and to argue with you.

Now I have to live with the guilt and regret of all those times I treated you badly and how I never told you how good a person you were. Now I know that words are not enough to tell you how much I love you, how much we need you, how much we miss you, and how we continue to do so.

I cling to faith and hope that one day I will see you again to tell you all these things. I know you already know all these things I tell you today, but I will never be able to forgive myself for what I didn’t do for you, since you did so much for me, and for us.

I ask for your forgiveness, I ask you for your pardon even though I know it’s too late. I will never know if you forgave or pardoned me. But know this one thing, dear uncle of mine. I will never forgive myself for not telling you how much I love you, and how much I continue to do so.

I love you Mauri, even though I did not demonstrate it. And I will love you, until the end of my days. Now you are in a better place, but we are without you. You are without pain, but we are not. We miss you so very much Mauri, but now you are with Abuelita Carmen, Papito Lalo, Nancita, Mummy and Tia Elena. Amongst all the martyrs and angels, you too are now one of them, my dear uncle. We will never forget you. Your nephew, Carlos.”Mi cuerpo muere copy

To my beloved uncle…passed away, but not forgotten (Spanish)

23 Feb

“Querido tío Mauricio,

Es con un corazón pesado que te escribo lo siguiente.

Nunca pensé que te vería de esta manera. Siempre pensé que eras eterno ya que has pasado, y hemos pasado por mucho, tanto aquí como en el extranjero. Siempre pensé que te vería sentado al frente de tu computadora hasta el fin de tus días, o sea por muchos años más.

Nunca pensé que tu vida seria cortada tan pronta y abrupta por los errores de los demás. Tanto pensé que íbamos a seguir viviendo juntos, los tres, que nunca te supe apreciar lo suficiente. Siento que nunca te trate como debería y nunca te dije lo que sentía porque siempre pensé que teníamos muchos más años juntos, para hablarte, para verte, y para discutir contigo.

Ahora tengo que vivir con la culpa y el arrepentimiento de todas esas veces que te trate mal y de nunca haberte dicho la buena persona que eras. Ahora me doy cuenta que las palabras no eran suficientes para decirte cuanto te quiero, cuanto te necesitamos, cuanto te extrañamos y cuanto lo seguimos haciendo. Solo me aferro a la fe y a la esperanza de que algún día te podre ver de nuevo para decirte todas estas cosas. Yo se que ya tu sabes todas estas cosas que te digo hoy, pero nunca podre perdonarme por lo que no hice por ti, ya que tu hiciste tanto por mí, y por nosotros.

Te pido perdón, te pido disculpas aunque sea muy tarde. Nunca sabré si me perdonaste, o me disculpaste. Pero solo sabe una cosa, mi tío querido. Yo nunca me perdonare ni me disculpare por no haberte dicho lo cuanto te amo, y cuanto sigo amándote. Te amo mucho Mauri, aunque no lo haya demostrado. Y te siguiere amando hasta mis últimos días. Igual, siempre recordare todos los buenos tiempos que pasamos en los ochos años en Australia. Ahora estas en un lugar mejor, pero nosotros estamos sin ti. Estas sin dolor, pero nosotros sí. Te extrañamos mucho Mauri, pero ahora estas con Abuelita Carmen, Papito Lalo, Nancita, Mummy, Tia Elena, Tio Jorge, y Tio Osvaldo. Entre todos los mártires y ángeles, tú también eres uno de ellos ahora, mi tío querido.
Nunca te olvidaremos. Tu sobrino, Carlos.”Image

Jobs, jobs, jobs! But where?

15 Feb

So I completed my three year Journalism degree about two years ago. But I find myself not working in a media related environment, but rather in a chemist. A chemist of sorts. It is very big and sells everything from prune juice to green tea, and pet products to…expired chocolates. But to be fair, only 90% of them are expired.

Here I am working the cash registers as a check out chick fearing that this is the job I will be doing for the rest of my life. I don’t like to think this is what I was intended to do, or where fate put me, since I dislike it very much. I don’t have anything against the job itself, but I just find it to be rather boring and tedious. Kudos to the rest of you who find it exhilarating and exciting, and do it every day. I just wish I had that passion for serving customers. Rude, dusty and ‘get off the phone!’ customers. Hmm, how exhilarating.

But what I have most anger about is how potential employer’s, at least with my media experience, love the phrase, “how would you like to work for free!?”  Haha! Well, if your parents support you, and you live a lifestyle that some of us teens could only envy, then go for it. Otherwise you would have to be like me, have a dead end job and work countless internships and work experiences for less than nothing. Which is free. Stay there for a couple of months, mine were usually for three, and get a reference (if you’re lucky). I never got one. But here my ego kicked in and said, who the hell needs one? Well, I wouldn’t know how much of a necessity it is because I’ve never been given one! And yes, I have asked for them!

Then there’s the endless pissing in your ear from your parents! Parental pressure pisses me off! “Maybe you should’ve done IT instead of journalism. You would already have a job!” Well, I don’t want a job! I want a hobby with expenses paid. What’s better then loving the work you do? The money is always a bonus when that’s the case. Why can’t they just be happy about what we chose? I’m sure one day something will come up….right?

Well, in the words of Jason Mraz “I won’t give up.” Maybe next time I’ll rant about a happier subject. Like, actually getting the job of my dreams? Or just a job? Won’t anyone out there give me a chance? Seriously, nobody? Oh, wait. Maybe I have to do more experience and free work. MAYBE, you should take a look at my resume first!

Do I hear a ‘yes!?’ 😀


Me in Nova Viral Video of Gangnam Style!

12 Feb

A video from Smallzy’s Surgery where listeners send videos of themselves dancing to Gangnam Style. I’m in it! Thank you Nova! Live Life Nova! Oh, by the way, I’m the one dancing in the isle…at work…lol?


MTVStyleMe – First Ep: Carlos

11 Feb

Check out the first episode of MTV’s new fashion show hosted by professional stylist, the beautiful Jules Sebastian. It is thanks to her and MTV that I found my confidence and self-esteem thanks to a new style…and a reassurance that dreams do come true.