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The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 15 Podcast

23 Jun

This week, Abi is back! She’s back in full swing, bringing you the latest tabloid news. Carlos tries his hand at stand up comedy…But, it somehow it didn’t go as planned.

This week we have brand new music from The Clique, formerly known as Third Degree, called ‘Live The Life.’ Download it now on iTunes!

Thanks for your support guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi


The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 14 Podcast

17 Jun

So this week, join Carlos who happens to be all by himself…again! He’s been abandoned by Abi and Logan, so join him as he recounts this week’s funny / weird news stories, plus all the latest celebrity gossip! Alone! 😀 It’s the #Carlos and Abi Show…with Carlos! Thanks guys!

#Carlos and Abi


The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 13 Podcast

2 Jun

We tried. We rapped. We failed.

Tune in and witness the ultimate in shamelessness. This week Carlos and Abi take inspiration from billboard chart-topping rapper Iggy Azalea as they prepare for a rap battle.
#CarlosandAbShow. Thanks for your support guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 12 Podcast

26 May

This week Carlos and Abi get pro-tips from a hypnotherapist in the lead up to World No-Tobacco Day! Plus, independent Chilean-born-but-Melbourne-based singer German Silva calls in for a quick chat about his brand new single ‘I’m Gonna Live’ (available now on iTunes). And the guys left the best until last as Abi and Carlos banter over the latest in celebrity news! Enjoy! And thanks for your support! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 11 Podcast

19 May

Hey guys! Yes! Abi’s back! Yeah, she’s been down with the sickness and inundated with a lot of uni work but she’s back to once again thrill us with her thoughts and opinions in our best episode yet! Just click below to hear the podcast! Thanks for your support guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show (Carlos flies solo) Ep. 10 Podcast

12 May

So if you missed Carlos’ solo debut last night on The #Carlos and Abi Show, you can relive his solo experience right here, right now! 😀 Abandoned by Abi (because she’s sick) and Logan (because he’s moving houses) Carlos takes on the show by himself and it all doesn’t go as planned…listen for yourself! 😉

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show (with Intern Logan) Ep. 9 Podcast

5 May

Didn’t get a chance to listen to the show last night? Well, it’s all been done for you!  This week, we have a former contestant from ‘The Voice’ Caterina Torres! She chats to us about life post-The Voice and about her new single ‘Easy To Say Goodbye’, available now on iTunes. Plus, Logan talks to us about his date! 😀 Awesome! All you have to do is click below! 😀

#Carlos and Abi