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7PM with Carlos Ep. 17 Podcast

14 Jul

Hey guys, it’s Carlos here! Once again – and still – I’m ridin’ solo! But fear not! For I bring you the latest celebrity goss, more FML stories and the best weird news of the week! Stay tuned, you won’t believe what went down in a little town in southern Mexico! What’s wrong with the world?

Thanks for listening, and for your support! Cheers!

Carlos Panel copy


The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 13 Podcast

2 Jun

We tried. We rapped. We failed.

Tune in and witness the ultimate in shamelessness. This week Carlos and Abi take inspiration from billboard chart-topping rapper Iggy Azalea as they prepare for a rap battle.
#CarlosandAbShow. Thanks for your support guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 11 Podcast

19 May

Hey guys! Yes! Abi’s back! Yeah, she’s been down with the sickness and inundated with a lot of uni work but she’s back to once again thrill us with her thoughts and opinions in our best episode yet! Just click below to hear the podcast! Thanks for your support guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show (Carlos flies solo) Ep. 10 Podcast

12 May

So if you missed Carlos’ solo debut last night on The #Carlos and Abi Show, you can relive his solo experience right here, right now! 😀 Abandoned by Abi (because she’s sick) and Logan (because he’s moving houses) Carlos takes on the show by himself and it all doesn’t go as planned…listen for yourself! 😉

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 8 Podcast

28 Apr

Didn’t get a chance to listen to the show last night? Worry not, my friend! All you have to do is click below! 😀 This week we have first play of UK rock / pop band Last Days of Disco’s brand new song! First play here in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere! 😀 These guys are great, be sure to check out their tracks on iTunes! 😀 Thanks for listening and for your support, guys! 😀

#Carlos and Abi

The #Carlos and Abi Show Ep. 7 Podcast

21 Apr

Didn’t get a chance to listen to The #CarlosandAbiShow last night on TripleHfm 100.1? Dude, worry not! For we have the episode right here! Listen to it right now but beware! May cause fit of laughter! :O

P.S. This week’s guest is former X-factor contestant Joelle, who is debuting her new song #saveme! 😀

#Carlos and Abi